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Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Health-E-Skin® Testimonials - Read What Product Users and the Medical Profession Have To Say
Expect Remarkable Results!

Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Health-E-Skin® Testimonials - Read What Product Users and the Medical Profession Have To Say

"It has been my medical observation that emu oil is particularly effective in the improvement of dry skin conditions in which it relieves the symptoms of itching and irritation. This unique natural oil also significantly promotes the healing of superficial burns and wounds, especially when applied soon after the injury. Emu oil is a natural emollient which enhances the smoothness and elasticity of very dry skin. It improves the tone and increases the thickness of skin in the elderly."
~ John M. Long, M.D., Texas Medical Center area
"I have used Health-E-Skin® on my dry, irritated hands due to repetitive hand washing and found it to completely moisturize and soften them. It instantly consumed the dryness. My husband used Health-E-Skin® on his dry, cracked feet and it was a very therapeutic treatment, providing moisture to the skin, allowing the cracks to heal. I am pleased with how quickly it is absorbed by the skin, leaving it moist but not oily. Health-E-Skin® gives the skin a healthy apearance."
~ S. Larkins R.N.
"In late June of this year I was required to do several days of wiring at the top of some newly creosoted poles. This meant that I had to often cling tightly to the poles with one arm while I worked on the meter loop and wiring with the other arm. There was a fairly prolonged, repeated contact with the surface of these poles. My arms became painful with red, stinging burns from the creosote.
On 6-30-00 I began putting Health-E-Skin® emu oil on my arms several times daily. Within one and a half to two days the pain was gone, and by the fourth day (7-4-00) the skin was completely healed.
I had much earlier in the year (? January 2000) used this emu oil on a month old sore on my hand that had not healed. It was gone in four to five days. A spot where I smashed my hand with a hammer agains a metal pole healed just as quickly using Health-E-Skin® oil."
~ Robert Chatham, Electrician, Seadrift, TX
"To the makers of Health-E-Skin®,
I recently had the opportunity to use the pur emu oil on my severly dry hands this winter. The results were remarkable. Within two days of using the oil, my hands were soft and non-irritated. The combination of dry, winter weather and my constant handwashing as a healthcare professional have dried my skin. The pure emu oil has helped with this situation, and I plan on using it more regularly. It absorbs fairly quickly and has no odor. I find it especially easy to use before bedtime. Thanks for introducing me to a product that works!"
~ Sincerely, Rhonda Robinson, R.N.
"During my eighteen year medical career, I have not encountered as effective an emollient as AIM-EMU oil (Health-E-Skin®). My career encompasses thousands of patiend encounters in the Emergency Room acute care setting as well as my internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases practices. AIM-EMU (Health-E-Skin®) quickly and safely provides unmatched anti-pruritic, emollient and wond healing properties with desirable and practical applicability. It is clearly the best product I've ever used for U.V. light and thermal integumentary burns. I personally use AIM-EMU (Health-E-Skin® ) and highly recommend its consideration and use for a wide variety of personal and prefessional applications."
~ Timothy W. Medcalf, M.D.
"Since I am a diabetic, I am always very concerned when places on my feet do not heal. Several months ago, I had some type of infection/irritation between my toes that would not go away. It was not painful, but it was bothersome and I was aware of the irritation constantly. First, I tried a good lotion but it didn't help. When the skin started turning white I thought it was the beginning of diabetic neuropathy so I massaged my toes and tried a steroid cream. It didn't work. Then, I thought it might be some type of fungus so I tried a prescription medicine that I got from my dermatologist. It didn't work either. All of this occurred over about four weeks and I just gave up on the skin getting any better.
A few weeks after trying the other medications and lotions, I heard about Health-E-Skin® Intensive Repair Formula. I began putting ht erepair formula on my toes at night just like I had done the steroid cream and the prescription fungus medicine. In a few days, the whie skin started turning to a normal color and in less than a week, the skin had healed completely and the irritation disappeared.
The Repair Formula certainly worked in my case and I have not had any more difficulty with my skin. Thank you for coming out with this new product."
~ Sincerely, Malcolm Wooley
"Since emu oil is transdermal (meaning it can be used with other products to penetrate into the deep layers of skin), I apply it to my skin before I apply an anti-wrinkle cream. Emu oil has similar fatty acid content to human skin oil, so ithat's why it soaks deeply into human skin and can be a carrier of other substances. I buy the product at I like the Intensive Repair Formula best because it has a high concentration of emu oil and has additional anti-oxidents. I use very specific products and do other things to improve my skin, but the unique tip is about emu oil being transdermal."
~ Susan Thacker
Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Health-E-Skin® Testimonials - Read What Product Users and the Medical Profession Have To Say

Health-E-Skin for Healthy Skin!