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Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Skin Moisturizer - Moisturizing Lotion - Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Expect Remarkable Results!

Health-E-Skin® Intensive Moisture Formula

Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Skin Moisturizer - Moisturizing Lotion - Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Skin Moisturizer - Moisturizing Lotion - Moisturizer for Dry Skin


6oz tube - $24.95

Lemon Slice Fragrance  

2.5oz tube - $11.95

  • Renews Softness
  • Retains Moisture in Dry Skin
  • Important Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
  • Anti-Oxidants to Protect
  • Botanical Extracts
  • Essential Oils
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • Concentrated
  • Hydrates and Softens
  • Fast-Absorbing, Penetrates Quickly
  • Non-Greasy

Moisturize and protect your skin with our Dry Skin Moisturizer lotion which contains Aloe Vera Gel, selected botanical extracts and South American seaweed as well as a maintenance level of the natural emollient complex with the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Each of the botanicals have been selected for their recognized beneficial effects in skin care. This formula works in conjunction with the Intensive Repair Formula to promote long-lasting moisture retention, conditioning and protective care. By design, this moisturizing lotion will lightly coat the skin to retain moisture as it delivers the combination of specific active ingredients. Like the Intensive Repair Formula, it helps thicken and revive the skin providing relief and a healthy appearance with regular use. It comes in 2.5 and 6 fl. oz. easy to open tubes. Expect Remarkable Results with Continued Use.

Ingredients of Intensive Moisturizing Formula

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe barbadensis - Aloin, allantoin is felt to be the active biologic part. Derived from the leaf, gel, and sap. OUR product uses pure gel extracts from inside the leaf. Aloe Vera Gel heals, allows cell division, and is a humectant. Healing properties especially for sunburned skin provided the extract has not been altered during processing. Used in many cosmetics.

Emu Oil - this unique natural oil complex is derived from Dromaius novaehollandiae, the emu. It closely mirrors the fatty acid content of human skin, and thus has the amazing ability to penetrate through the outer skin layer (epidermis) and well into the deeper layer (dermis) to replenish fatty acids which your skin needs for effective cellular repair and soothing relief. Both the Omega 3 (linoleic) and Omega 6 (linolenic) essential fatty acids are part of this system. Research studies have shown emu oil to be effective to promote wound healing, to have an anti-arthritic effect, and to be an effective transdermal carrier. Emu oil is widely used in cosmetics and in a number of other topical preparations.

Cetyl Alcohol - A very mild emollient and secondary emulsifier used in cosmetics. A white, waxy product, it is derived from naturally occurring fatty acids such as palmetic acid, or spermaceti. Is it extremely milky and can be taken internally. It is used in many types of pharmaceuticals.

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride - The mixed triester of glycerin and caprylic and capric acids. This emollient ester has good lubricating properties.Squalane - A saturated branched chain of isoprenoid obtained from hydrogenating plant oils such as wheat germ oil or rice bran oil. It is a natural plant derived emollient that improves spreading characteristics.

Hypnea Musciformis Extract

Gelidiela Acerosa Extract

Sagassum Filipendula Extract

The above are carefully selected botanical species of South American seaweed in extracts which are used to enhance INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING FORMULA. These ingredients are especially rich in BIOPOLYMERS of high cosmetic activity. Biopolymers, substances present in Marine Algae, react with proteins from the outer layer of the skin to form a protective and moisturizing film. In addition, there is beneficial activity from the natural salts and trace minerals (such as zinc and magnesium) which are provided.

Rosemary Extract - Rosemary officinalis - The leaves contain flavonoids which have anti-oxidant properties (used for centuries to preserve food). One flavoniod, diosmin, is supposed to "strengthen capillaries". Two other compounds in it, carnosol and carnosic acid may help protect the body tissue and cells against "stresses". This botanical has been linked to use for diabetes, aging, and coronary arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The German Comission E claims appropriate use for this herb is for circulatory problems (such as low blood pressure) and for painful joints or muscles. The route of administration for these last mentioned problems is oral, as a tea.

Echinacea Angustifolia Extract - Echinacea angustifolia - The purple coneflower; extracts are from leaves, roots, and flowers (mainly leaves and roots). Active compounds include echinacoside, polysaccharides, and isobutyl amides. Test tube evidence (limited) indicates echinaccea stimulates the immune process. Given at the first sign of a cold, it might decrease the duration - but not prevent the cold. It is reported useful in wound healing, and is being investigated as an anti-cancer modality.

Burdock Root Extract - Arctium lappa - The active part of the plant is the root which contains inulin (a starch) and lactones. It has been used as a "blood purifier, diuretic, mild laxative, to rid the body of toxins" and also used to treat; acne, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, boils, and canker sores. Most commonly brewed as a tonic, it has also been used as a poultice for sores and bug bites. It may have possible value as an external antiseptic.

Lavender Extract - Lavandula officinalis - An extract of leaves of lavender used for its fragrant softening and anti-itching properties. Chemicals from the plant are volatile oil, tannins, coumarins, and flavonoids. The lavender oil is not for internal use; Flowers have been brewed and used as a tea.

Lapacho Tea - Tabebuia heptaphylla - Derived from tree bark (Pau D' Arco) native to Brazil, yeilds the active compound, lapachol. This herbal remedy comes in capsules, decoction (to drink, as tea, from a cup), as extract and tincture (more concentrated). It has been studied as an anti-cancer drug and is touted to be used for fungal infections such as athlete's foot and vaginal yeast infections. It is reported to lower blood sugar levels, aids the digestive process, and may help kill parasites.

Green Tea Extract - Camellia sinensis - Produced from lightly steaming fresh cut leaf without allowing oxidation, and contains polyphenols as the active ingredients as well as 50-100 mg. of caffeine per cup. The mechanism of action is as an anti-oxidant supplement. Epidemiologic studies suggest that green tea moderately decreases the risk of cancer, especially of the upper digestive tract. There are, however, no specific human studies available about the treatment of cancer with green tea.

Lavender Oil - See Lavender Extract above.

Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - Chemical name is tocopherol; comes from wheat grem and other vegetable oils. It has anti-oxidant properties in the skin, enhancing the performance of skincare products by blocking free radical reactions in the skin. It prevents the oxidation of membranes. Vitamin "E", as a well-recognized natural anti-oxidant, is in that group along with Vitamin "A", Vitamin "C", selenium, and green tea. It is taken orally both for its anti-oxidant effects, and is felt to assist in resistance against stress.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) - Chemical name is Rentinol; occurs naturally in animals; plants produce carotinoids (such as the carotene in carrots), which can be converted to Vitamin A. It is particularly required for vision as well as integrity of the skin. Its effects include improving tone, elasticity, smoothness and moisturization of the skin. It is also an anti-oxidant.

Allantoin - A soothing organic compound extracted from Aloe Vera and Comfrey. It is an excellent ingredient in dry and sensitive skin formulations; it helps to repair damaged skin
Carbomer - Used as an emulsion stabilizer and is also a viscosity increasing agent. An emulsifier is a compound, which can suspend oil in water. It will also help prevent the separation of oil and water emulsion once it has been formed. Simply stated, an emulsifier helps keep the ingredients of the compound from "separating out".

Sodium Hydroxymethlylglycinate - In spite of the long, chemical-sounding name, and this substance is the natural or organic preservative used in our Intensive Moisturizing Formula. It is derived from the natural amino acid, glycine, and replaces such chemical preservatives as methyl and propylaprabens.

Sorbitol - A sugar found in many berries; it is a humecant that leaves a silky, velvety feeling to the skin.


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