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Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Sensitive Skin Care Product - Sensitive Skin Cleanser - Natural Sensitive Skin Care
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Health-E-Skin® Sensitive Skin Care

Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Sensitive Skin Care Product - Sensitive Skin Cleanser - Natural Sensitive Skin Care

Health-E-Skin for Healty Skin - Sensitive Skin Care Product - Sensitive Skin Cleanser - Natural Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin

8 oz bottle - $16.95

  • Gently Purifies
  • Natural, Gentle Cleanser with Coconut Extracts
  • Botanicals to Soothe
  • Aloe Vera Gel to Moisten Dry Sensitive Skin
  • Antioxidants to Protect Sensitive Skin
  • Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, an important part of skin care
  • Face & Body Wash

This gentle sensitive skin care product is the first step in relieving chronic dry skin, by providing an alternative to harsh, drying soaps. Our Sensitive Skin Cleanser has been formulated with extracts of coconut to gently cleanse the face and body. The hydrating action of aloe vera gel and the softening effect of papaya extract work together to soothe and soften your skin. It is highly concentrated and only small amounts are needed. It removes eye make-up easily and leaves your face soft and refreshed. Experience the Difference!

Ingredients of Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel - Aloin, allantoin is felt to be the active biologic part. Derived from the leaf, gel, and sap. OUR product uses pure gel extracts from inside the leaf. Aloe Vera Gel heals, allows cell division, and is a humectant. Healing properties especially for sunburned skin provided the extract has not been altered during processing. Used in many cosmetics.

Sodium Methyl Cocoyltaurate -This is a derivative of coconut oil which functions in the product as a surfactant (breaks the surface tension). It is similar to the cocamidopropyl betaine in both source and function.Cocamidopropyl Betaine - Antistatic agent; surfactant (breaks surface tention); cleansing agent; foam booster. It is a thickening agent for hair care products.

PEG-18 - Glyceryl cleat cocoate - Comprises another of the coconut oil fractions working with the others as a wetting agent and thickener. Of note is that coconut oil (which comes from the seeds of the coconuts) is widely used in soaps and surfactants for its execellent cleansing properties.

Glycol Stearate - This compound is a stearic acid ester, again from the coconut oil. It works as a thickener, emulisfier, and emollient in cosmetic prepartions.

Tocopheryl Acetate - Vitamin "E": Chemical name is tocopherol; comes from wheat grem and other vegetable oils. It has anti-oxidant properties in the skin, enhancing the performance of skincare products by blocking free radical reactions in the skin. It prevents the oxidation of membranes. Vitamin "E", as a well-recognized natural anti-oxidant, is in that group along with Vitamin "A", Vitamin "C", selenium, and green tea. It is taken orally both for its anti-oxidant effects, and is felt to assist in resistance against stress.

Emu Oil - this unique natural oil complex is derived from Dromaius novaehollandiae, the emu. It closely mirrors the fatty acid content of human skin, and thus has the amazing ability to penetrate through the outer skin layer (epidermis) and well into the deeper layer (dermis) to replenish fatty acids which your skin needs for effective cellular repair and soothing relief. Both the Omega 3 (linoleic) and Omega 6 (linolenic) essential fatty acids are part of this system. Research studies have shown emu oil to be effective to promote wound healing, to have an anti-arthritic effect, and to be an effective transdermal carrier. Emu oil is widely used in cosmetics and in a number of other topical preparations.

Chamomile Extract - Matricaria chamomilla, - Extracts from the head of the flowers which are delicate and daisy-like. The active compounds are chamazulene and alpha bisabolol. It can be used in hair care products to add sheen and highlights; has soothing qualities.

Calendula Extract - Calendula officinalis - The petals of the flowers are used for their soothing and antiseptic properties. This extract is used to bring out highlights in blond and brunette hair. Historical use is also especially for chapped and cracked hands.

Papaya Extract - Carica papaya - Is also known as papaw and the mellon tree, containing digestive enzymes. In topical use it is a keratolytic agent (one which softens and helps remove the tough keratin, or outer layer of skin); it is used to soften hair and skin.

Green Tea Extract - Camellia sinensis - Produced from lightly steaming fresh cut leaf without allowing oxidation, and contains polyphenols as the active ingredients as well as 50-100 mg. of caffeine per cup. The mechanism of action is as an anti-oxidant supplement. Epidemiologic studies suggest that green tea moderately decreases the risk of cancer, especially of the upper digestive tract. There are, however, no specific human studies available about the treatment of cancer with green tea.

Panthenol - Hair conditioning agent; a good nutrient; an emulsifier and emollient.

Allantoin - A soothing organic compound extracted from Aloe Vera and Comfrey. It is an excellent ingredient in dry and sensitive skin formulations; it helps to repair damaged skin.

Polyquaternium-10 - A plant derived organic polymer from cellulose. It is used in shampoos, conditioners and skin lotions.

Natural Botanical Essence - A unique all natural bouquet of botanical essence designed to blend a light and up-lifting aroma into our Sensitive Skin Cleanser.

DMDM Hydantoin - Used to maintain and extend the life of skin care and hair care products. It is a preservative which has anti-microbial activity.

Sodium Chloride - Purified salt; It is used to control viscosity and for its toning and astringent properties.

Azulene - Is an herbal/floral natural ingredient to enhance the botanical contents of our products.

Health-E-Skin for Healthy Skin!