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Healthy Skin Care - Natural Skin Care Products - Sensitive Skin Care Products - Healthy Skin Products - Eczema Treatment
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Health-E-Skin® Skin Care Products

Healthy Skin Care - Natural Skin Care Products - Sensitive Skin Care Products - Healthy Skin Products - Eczema Treatment

Healthy Skin Care - Natural Skin Care Products - Sensitive Skin Care Products - Healthy Skin Products - Eczema Treatment

Skin care is an essential part of health and natural beauty. Health-E-Skin® products are a natural healthy skin care solution formulated for even the most sensitive skin to give you smooth, comfortable, healthier looking skin. Health-E-Skin® products are formulated with natural emu oil which penetrates skin layers quickly to soothe and soften as it regenerates skin cells. This natural oil closely mirrors the fatty acid content of human skin and has a significant amount of omega 6, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Your body cannot produce these two essential fatty acids. These active ingredients quickly penetrate into the dermis of the skin at the level of cell growth to promote healthy skin. These healthy skin products have been formulated with this exceptionally effective emollient to relieve chronic dry, itchy, flaky skin quickly and will continue to give good results with regular use. We carry a full line of quality natural skin care products, uniquely formulated with a blend of highly refined and purified oil, vitamins and botanicals, used for the improvement of chronic skin conditions as well as various superficial irritations (of an everyday nature). Our strict adherence to quality assurance separates us from our competitors.

Health-E-Skin® Sensitive Skin Care System provides an effective, long term solution for chronic dry, itchy, flaky skin.

Health-e-Skin® sensitive skin care products are built on three major principles. First, the finest natural herbal and botanical ingredients are specifically selected for their known usefulness with NO chemical preservatives added. Second, there are NO fillers or inert ingredients such as water, and thus our healthy skin care products are concentrated. Third, these skin care products utilize the finest quality, pure refined emu oil that can be obtained. This active natural oil is the basis of our Sensitive Skin Care System which has a myriad of applications for anyone with skin!

Sensitive Skin Cleanser, step 1 of our program, provides a wonderful alternative to harsh, irritating soaps. It is formulated with extracts of coconut to cleanse the face and body gently. The hydrating action of aloe vera gel and the softening effect of papaya extract work together to soothe and soften your skin. A few drops to half a capful used with generous amounts of water can be quite effective.

Intensive Repair Formula, step 2 of our program, contains highly refined emu oil fortified with the anti-oxidant Vitamins A & E and should be used several times per day on the skin areas which are most inflamed, dry, or irritated. A very small amount (1-2 drops) will cover a significant area. This product may be applied as often as necessary; it readily penetrates into the skin as it restores the natural fatty acids.

Intensive Moisturizing Formula, step 3 of our program, supplies a maintenance level of the natural oils in combination with carefully selected botanicals distributed in a soothing aloe vera base to give maximal humectant (water holding) effect for a longer period of time. This natural skin care product also contains South American seaweed extracts to extend the moisturizing capability. There will be a slight coating effect to seal in and maintain that moisture. Application is usually recommended twice daily, and particularly soon (5-10 minutes) after bathing or washing. Again, a very small amount will cover a significant area; use sparingly until you are familiar with the amount your skin requires.

Health-e-Skin® natural skin care products were developed with a particular focus on caring for ECZEMA or “Atopic Dermatitis” and other DRY SKIN conditions. This focus was guided by two separate doctor directed clinical studies, one in primarily adults and the other in a pediatric population. The results of these studies strongly support the usefulness of Health-e-Skin® sensitive skin care products in helping manage the symptoms of eczema (dryness, inflammation, itching, cracked skin) as well as various other DRY SKIN conditions. The effectiveness of Health-e-Skin® natural skin care products is due in large part to the key ingredient, emu oil.

Emu oil as “nature’s emollient” is essential to the beneficial effects that are provided: moisturizing, replenishing natural oils, reducing inflammation, penetrating ability, and relief of itching.

Eczema treatments are all directed at control of the condition; there is no known cure. In the most simple terms, eczema (atopic dermatitis) is the manifestation of an “allergic” skin, which reacts with the symptoms noted above. Oral antihistamines and occasionally oral cortisone preparations have been utilized for management. Dietary factors (especially in allergic children) and skin contact factors may “trigger” eczema symptoms which can range from uncomfortable to almost disabling with inability to sleep due to itching or hindering full motion of an elbow or leg because of severe inflammation. Too frequent washing/bathing or use of soaps, which irritate the skin, and various chemicals/preservatives in soaps can significantly aggravate eczema or also trigger the symptoms.

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